My Poems

Night Morning e__e) 

by Dominick Carter 

I could feel my eyes closed but dnt want them open because when u came it was the morning… I would want 2 feel like I spent my whole night with u,with my back towards the sun,n my lips facing u. I felt like I was lost n the night-time nd u found me after the sunrise, n as I was kissed light I got shocked with doses of ur coziness.. My mind wasn’t focus on today being the day u left me n loneliness because u showed me what comfort is, if I woke up without knowing my love is not shared through u,that would b the biggest nightmare..

Defensive Love* 

by Dominick Carter

Your insecurity put up security so you became defensive… Apprehensive to the future of my own sarcasm might offend u, so if I do, just listen… 2 my apologies,nd I apologize for the feeling that I hide inside of me… I can’t control what’s apart of me… I’ll make some mistakes that can have u up n leave, like the time I gave u no lip room 2 breath,Jay-Z, as I was kissing up on u… sucking up 2 your sweet honey personality u should’ve been a bumble B… Okay abit cheesy,but this climb for a short period of time took us for a loop without miley, I hear the sirens,who are they after? Me because I believe it was ur insecurity that put up security 2 guard your love… n all I wanted was a chance 2 open ur shirt n see through ur breast 2 find ur heart, I got touchy feelii…Too much of this feeling pouring before us like water, only lead u 2 transform after we diverged… I guess moving 2 fast wasn’t one of my best qualities but the best part is getting a head start because I know the other dudes b thirsty-slash-hungry, flashing money as if they got it like that, take pictures with their kodak so it could last longer… I’m just trying 2 find balance n this life between love nd hate… Or… hate nd love or what eva…like ppl trying 2 find god,the only difference is,I found my lord I’m just trying 2 find a bond with cha!

stream-of-consciousness writing (poem) 

by Dominick Carter

Its wierd how I can’t feel what you felt because my heart turn black from the lies that you’ve told, like how “we’ll be together until we’re old” n my soul u stole… u mustove lost it at some point n time because when u called to give it back it felt real cold as ice,rock hard like stone.. I guess i was afraid of the truth being told..N it was a note that i wrote, like a book, no joke,so many chapters but i just might end it off here because i already used up the space that was left from all my tears…Grandmother past away,its been over a year but it open my eyes n made things clear,that people is going to act like they care,just so they wont see u cry….. i starting feeling God in my heart instead of praying in the sky n found truth after ive been living a lie.. Im @ peace and i praise to the most high. I try to be the best person working @ perfection..we r all human so we cant be perfect..Dont stay around to keep me down because u show me more n more everyday how dealing with u isn’t worth it..  I write my feelings .. like an inspired poet,how ironic, because this is coming from a black brother with a black heart at the moment when i wrote this……Im sorry… My conchense is not allowing me to mean it from the heart,trying to get a fresh start in life..N i guess now u can’t be a part in it..Like a Movie to a scene,like a drug to a feen..I think its best that i stay away from u,u drug that im addicted 2.. Religion is my rehab in im just trana stay clean…

Miss Thoughtful (where ever u are,i just thought of u)
by Dominick Carter
I don’t know who this poem goes out to 
but just know..If u thought about me..This goes out to you..

 Ima call u “Miss Thoughtful”…

Just thinking about your thoughts made me bad at Math because

numbers didnt count..

I couldnt keep up with the amount of thoughts u gave me

So i just left it somewhere safe

as if my heart was a bank

And i…..

I opened up an account just 4 u

N the love that’s shown is..


Never the less

Always the more

Your thoughts is what made everything around me more comfortable

The clothes that i was in before were baggy 

But u made it seem suitable

Even making me feel handsome on days i know i wasnt cute at all..

Ur thoughts is what made beautiful comfortable

4 me to say

Because “Miss Thoughtful”

Your worth this poem

In if u read it.. 

Your worth clicking “Like”

And if u click “Like” 

Your worth leaving a “Comment”

Before i go to far with this ima stop it 

N end it off with..

 Dear Miss Thoughtful,

If i havnt know

U was this thoughtful

This poem would have never happened without you ;)

See Without… 
by Dominick Carter
Its a different test that I’m facing…so the way I move, I’m probably making the same progress as you but we’re both different…4 a person like me 2 say that, u damn sure can’t see what I’ve been through. I let so many ppl try 2 characterize me…But u can’t breath,eat,sleep or sh#/ like me, u don’t talk like me nd u can’t see my past, so u can’t think like me…when a special day comes u wouldnt even know what it means 2 me, but all u cud say is “stay on your deen”…I know what I believe…n my faith is nothing you could see…you don’t want 2 be with me but u try to take a part of me n just leave… If the hills really had eyes u wouldn’t give it a chance to see its own hunchback while im  hunched over procrastinating,but your wasting my time, so let me be…You just another butterfly who looks are deceiving but the pain u put me through stung me like a bee.
Breakups from Makeup
by Dominick Carter

This was a hold up…..

The way you took up

Time,putting on that makeup…..

Now i think its time 

Time that we breakup…..

Beacuse i realize that their are lies behind that fake mask you go throughout the day wearing…..

I see your style

I feel your hugs

I taste your lips 

I smell your favorite perfume you throw on before you see me

But…… Are those the reason why i love…..

If I dont know your personality than who are you?????

Just another person wearing makeup…..